Nail Styling

Nail Styling

Do you find that beautiful nails and a beautiful hairstyle as the essential elements to complete your look? Would you like to learn how to beautify your clients' nails while taking great care? Embark on one of our home courses to become a Nail Art expert!

Educate yourself with tips from real experts! Learn all the secrets you need to create the perfect nail style. Gain knowledge on how to play with bright colours, create a French manicure, and much more. Everything is possible!

Let your creativity speak in your future career. Our home courses provide everything you need to become an expert. Turn your passion for beauty and fashion into a wonderful job!

Choose from one of our courses at home and opt for a professional future in which you embellish the day of your clients.

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In your job as a nail stylist, art and beauty are connected to each other. This is a whole form of art! Only real professionals are able to do it. Become one of them by applying to one of our Nail Styling courses! With guidance from real experts, you learn all the tricks to create the perfect nail styling. With your diploma, you choose between the work in a beauty salon, creating your own business, being an independent nail stylist, or becoming an employee in a nail studio. A certificate from our school shows your clients or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are ready to work as a professional.

In the 21st century, nails are an important part of the beauty standard. This is why we have to be careful with our hands. Our sector is always hiring students from the learning centre. We know that they are well prepared and have in-depth knowledge. The teachers of this school are professionals with years of experience. They create experts for our sector. Apply to one of their courses and become our colleague! - employerSpeaks

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Nail styling is a profession with a future. Every lady needs a good set of beautiful nails. You create a whole future from the moment you apply to one of this category’s courses! Whether you want to start a nail studio or become a nail stylist at home: a course from us offers you the ideal first step. People who work as nail stylists must keep up with the latest nail trends that are popular and sought after. Our teachers teach you the latest innovations in the sector! For example, the French manicure is very hot: a popular trend from the 90s with an alternative twist. Or have you heard of metallic nails? This trend is suitable for all seasons and gives a special touch to your fingers!

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Our experts teach you the best way to make the nails last longer. Learn to put nail polish correctly and how to rest the nails. Those are important factors for every lady who wants to be a beauty in a fairy tale. In addition, proper preparation is essential. Before applying gel polish, it is best to prepare the nail with a product that cleans the surface and moisturizes the nail.

I’ve been working as a nail stylist for over 5 years now. It all started with a course from this learning centre. Right now, I am receiving a lot of customers. They are also happy and even give a good tip. I suggest that you apply now! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Ladies, but also gentlemen, should always have beautiful nails. This is why nail stylists make a new form of art. They are important to create every person looks beautiful and confident. Our learning centre helps you become one of those beauty heroes. The courses in this category are perfect for everybody who seeks a career in this sector. Our teachers turn their students into professionals with a lot of knowledge.


  • Fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month.
  • Men's nails grow faster.
  • Nails are made of the same matter as hair.
  • Your nails need to "breathe" between manicures.