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Are you looking to enter the retail industry - or maybe you're already taking your first steps and want to grow more? Our courses will teach you everything you'll need to turn your job into a full-blown career. The skills you'll develop, combined with a verifiable certificate to your name, will help you climb the ranks as a logistics coordinator, retail manager or a similar position of your liking. Sign up for a course and invest in your career today!

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Retail is a huge industry that's always evolving - which is a perfect opportunity for logistics experts to prosper professionally. Brick and mortar stores and delivery fleets have always had a need for logistics services - but now, with online shopping on the rise, demand is stronger than ever. Our teachers are handpicked design professionals eager to share their expertise with you. Our unique practical approach uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And as soon as you graduate, you can earn a recognized diploma with your name on it – and use it to pave your way to success.

Our store had no logistics expert. Of course, that's the type of thing you only notice when it's too late. We hit a rough patch until we finally found salvation in one of your graduates. The change they brought has been impressive, to say the least. We've increased our profit margin by 30%, and our warehouse is reliably stocked. We're definitely a fan of your courses and the people you bring to the market. - employerSpeaks


Customers have access to more channels than ever - which means more venues for a business to offer their product. Studies show that 20% of all sales happen online, and that number is growing. What does that mean for logistics? It means there's a changing landscape to adapt to. Companies value professionals that keep their skillset up to date - be that a new hire, or someone within the company who keeps up with the field.

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The Internet has revolutionized the way we look at sales. Social media and online shops are at the top of the world right now, determining visibility and profits. With that said, the future isn’t set in stone. AI technology has the potential to make a significant impact. Also, putting tech aside, there’s a surprising number of people going back to old-school shopping and seeking the authenticity of personal contact. All in all, the sales world keeps shifting and changing. Successful salespeople keep an eye out for new market shifts and stay educated on latest techniques and methods.

I love my shop - but I haven't always been happy with its success. As a business owner, of course I want things to run smoothly, I want to stay afloat and even put some profits aside. These courses have helped me achieve that. I've streamlined my operation and my online store now makes almost as much as my physical location. And the best part? It does all the work for me. I can't recommend these courses enough. Knowledge really is power. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Whether you’re a salesperson looking to improve their success rate, or have a company and want to boost its profits, we have a course to help you achieve your goals. Our professional teachers will share expertise they’ve gained through their years in Sales. All of the soft skills you’ll master will also help you out in life. You’ll learn to understand people and connect with them, find out how to be more effective and convincing in your communication.


  • Close to a third of consumers report never using a business again after they have a bad experience
  • 82% of consumers want more human contact with shops and companies again
  • Speed helps. 35% to 50% of sales go to the first company to respond to the customer's query
  • 89% of B2B buyers use the Internet to research the products they're after. Having a strong online presence is essential.
  • A British study shows that 3 in 4 shoppers would go on a stress-shopping binge after a hard day/ week