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Are you an entrepreneur? A manager who wants to get the best out of their team? These courses will help you bring out the best in yourself and the people around you. Sign up and find out how to unleash your employees' talents!

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The ability to lead a motivate a team is what makes a successful boss. It’s a skill that any company wants in its managers. Do you want to turn yourself into an invaluable employee? A diploma from Coursle – Centre for Distance Learning serves to prove your knowledge and expertise to future employers. It looks great on your resume and you can use it to get ahead of the competition for any position you’re interested in.

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Every manager has their own style, and every team is different. These course will help you uncover the most suitable management style for your team – and once you find it, style is usually timeless. It’s all about motivation, empathy and effective communication. Managers who have mastered those skills and can effectively distribute labor among their subordinates are the ones a smart business tries to keep. Become a management expert and make sure your resume’s always on the top of the pile!

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There are certain websites and apps that aim to help managers. Some of them are quite useful – but none of them solve everything. They’re built to help the average person and cast a wide net, which means they can often fall short for your personal needs. The solution? Putting these tools in the hands of a trained professional is a recipe for a happier, more motivated team, which in turn leads to increased productivity and better results. It’s a way to boost your sales figures and minimize turnover.

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Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


As a study advisor, I'll be brief. Anyone can benefit from these courses. Being able to communicate clearly and confidently is a huge benefit in the business world, and any company appreciates a professional with developed soft skills.


  • Different employees are motivated by different things. Some want a higher wage, others want to climb the ranks or achieve a good work-life balance
  • 10 to 12 minutes a day can save you up to 2 hours of wasted time. Making and following a timetable has been shown to increase productivity
  • Most people are at their most productive between 8.30 AM and noon. When making your schedule, you should keep this in mind
  • We’re interrupted by someone or something every 8 minutes. An average interruption takes about 5 minutes. That’s almost 3 hours a day