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Building better relationships

Are you fascinated by the relationships we form? Do you always give your friends the best relationship advice? You might have the makings of a great relationship coach!

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Society is built on the relationships we form. But how do we form them? How does the way we interact with others affect us, our thoughts and actions? And how can we ensure that all our relationships are healthy and beneficial? If you want the answers to these question, and a few more, give our relationship therapy course a try, and uncover the secrets of family dynamics, relationships and sex. A diploma from Coursle – Centre for Distance Learning serves to prove your knowledge and expertise to future employers. It looks great on your resume and you can use it to get ahead of the competition for any position you’re interested in.

We’ve only needed the services of a relationship coach once. She was surprisingly patient and she was able to solve our (admittedly serious) issues and bring our family back together. She helped us rediscover ourselves - and each other. - employerSpeaks


Modern society is very open to talking about relationships and sex. The taboo surrounding those topics is largely gone, and we can all agree they’re major contributors to a happy life. Which means that the search for a perfect relationship is fiercer, and more open, than ever. Anyone who understands the psychology behind a happy relationship is a sought-after advisor. Ready to become a relationship expert?

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There are mobile apps and websites trying to offer online therapy services. Some of them are even free. But the truth is that they just can’t achieve the same result that a trained professional can. A real therapist is much more effective – and your clients know that. Relationship therapy is a fascinating field. Every relationship is different and needs a unique approach. As a therapist, you’re in for a future full of interesting people and challenging situations.

As a relationship coach, I'm well aware that courses are necessary for a smooth career path. For example, in recent years, there's been a surge of sexual issues. People are stressed and intimacy in their relationship suffers. That's a very specific issue that I admit I had no experience with. An online course was an easily accessible way to catch up and amass new knowledge. I found out how to handle professional issues I wasn't familiar with, and my clients ended up benefiting. I recommend this program to any future relationship coaches or therapists. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


I’ve noticed a growing interest in our relationship courses. Many of our students are trying to work on their own relationships, while others are building a career and are looking for skills and a certificate. And all of them find what they came for.


  • Being in a healthy relationship makes you healthier. It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and reduces stress levels
  • There are an average of 100 unmarried women for every 86 unmarried men
  • About 30% of Europeans have used a dating service at least once
  • Sex isn’t just good for your health – it also helps your self-confidence