Personal Development/Relieving stress & burn-out

Relieving stress & burn-out

Life’s busier than ever. Studies show that the average person is now working longer hours and facing more work pressure than before. Which is a surefire recipe for burnout. It’s simple- the modern professional needs some help braving the waters of the corporate world and staying afloat. The demand for burnout coaches and mental health specialists is skyrocketing. Ready to get certified and join their ranks?

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Life Coach

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Personal Coach

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In this Personal Coaching training you'll learn all about physical activity and health.



The business world can be stressful. With fear of failure and the danger of burnout looming, professionals are looking for an expert to help them establish a healthier work environment. Our teachers are handpicked professionals eager to share their expertise with you. Our unique practical approach uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And as soon as you graduate, you can earn a recognized diploma with your name on it – and use it to pave your way to success.

“In large companies like ours, some stress is inevitable. But we get better and better at handling it. All our HR managers have completed a Stress Management course – and the results are easy to see. Staff is happier than ever, and employee turnover is at an all-time low. The ability to foster and keep our talent with us helps us grow as a company.” - employerSpeaks


It’s becoming socially accepted to talk about what you’re struggling with. And as it turns out, many of our issues start at work. Stress, burnout and fear of failure can impact people’s lives – which means we sometimes need an expert to help us through. As a certified stress management or burnout coach, you’ll be in high demand in a growing market waiting for your help and expertise.

Relieving stress & burn-out, hundredPercentOfTheTime

As we learn more about mental health and well-being, business leaders and even governments are realizing the need for mental health experts. The average person is much more mindful of their work-life balance in the face of a stressful corporate world. While there’s been an influx of apps and websites trying to help people find their center, nothing really beats a session with a trained expert. And your clients know that.

“As a burnout coach, I’ve had a busy few years. I’m getting recruited by more companies than ever. The online certification I completed was a great boost to my career – it helped me be ready for everything my job can throw at me. The knowledge has really been invaluable. “ - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Whether you’re a salesperson looking to improve their success rate, or have a company and want to boost its profits, we have a course to help you achieve your goals. Our professional teachers will share expertise they’ve gained through their years in Sales. All of the soft skills you’ll master will also help you out in life. You’ll learn to understand people and connect with them, find out how to be more effective and convincing in your communication.


  • More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies employ a coach or a therapist
  • There are over 53 000 active therapists in the world
  • Research shows over 98% of clients were happy with the way a therapist impacted their lives
  • According to recent estimates, visiting a therapist brings an approximate 500% return of investment.