Medical & Cosmetics

Medical & Cosmetics

Our school offers specialized training in aesthetics, skin therapies, aesthetic medicine, and other beauty specialties. Throughout the year, we organize intensive courses and challenging workshops to train our students in the most innovative American, French, Italian and Spanish techniques.

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Medical and cosmetic beauty care are wildly popular. And that success continues to grow. Both men and women turn to medical and cosmetic treatments more frequently. They want to look well-groomed and live healthier lives, two things we increasingly associate with success. So get to work quickly!

In our wellness clinic, all of our employees are graduates of this school, and they are amazing workers. They are all professional experts who carry out the treatments perfectly and manage to put the customers at ease. If you want to start a career in beauty care, this is the place to take a course. - employerSpeaks



More men find their way to the beautician. They want well-groomed hands and nails, but they also want to look good and stay good. Appearance also becomes a factor in professional life. If you want to achieve promotion, looking groomed always helps. It is placed on par with ambition and being successful. A degree as an expert in medical and cosmetic procedures, therefore, brings you a lot of job security. Your customer base grows year after year and trends play in your favor. Your customers are more numerous, more diverse, and also want more and more specific treatments. We bring you that knowledge and skills. Ready to get started?

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In the skincare industry, we very actively pursue a minimalist approach. With a simple list of ingredients, we manage to keep the skin younger and more resilient. Gentle, fragrance-free products are gaining ground. They keep the skin hydrated and rejuvenate the skin. After all, skin that has just undergone a peel or other medical treatment is sensitive. Also bypass ingredients like alcohol, parabens, and essential oils.

I've been doing medical pedicure as a side job for 4 years now and I do make a pretty good living at it. The courses have taught me everything. The teacher was absolutely top notch and provided a lot of personal guidance. We discussed every possible treatment in class and performed it several times. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


This course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get into beauty care. You learn everything from A to Z. The professional students are some of the absolute best in their field. If you want a career in the medical or cosmetic sector, this is the perfect start. Sign up now!


  • Matching skin care to the condition of your skin is much more effective than matching it to age.
  • A manicure or pedicure does more than make your nails look manicured: it promotes blood flow to your fingers and toes.
  • Some massages make you lose weight by boosting your metabolism.
  • If you run out of shaving cream, apply conditioner to your legs: it will soften the hairs and make your skin extra soft after shaving.