Would you like to run your own shop? Could your accounting and management skills use some refinement? Maybe you want to sell your homemade creations through a web shop but you don't know where to start? Then take a retail course!

Find out how to get a successful business off the ground thanks to our professional courses. Get more information about your own bookkeeping and learn the right approach to successfully launch your own webshop? This way you are ready for a glitzy career in this dynamic trading world!

Choose your favorite study from our exciting home courses and group lessons. This way you expand your skills, make your dream come true and soon you finally call yourself the owner of your own (online) shop.

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Do you want to start a retail career or your own e-commerce business? Do you want to become the most successful seller? Our courses teach you everything, from how to launch an online business to how to sell products. You have all the tools at your disposal to increase your sales, or become a successful manager in the world of retail.   When you graduate from our courses, you do so with a professional diploma with your name on it. That is proof of your hard work and motivation that you defended your Accounting knowledge in our competitive exam. Your new certificate is a valuable tool on your path to success.

Every store needs a social media presence, and most of our staff took online courses in the learning centre to prepare for that. The payoff is directly visible - many of our clients come in the store asking about something they saw on our Instagram, for example. - employerSpeaks



Retail is always changing. With online shopping on the rise, people are free from the brick-and-mortar stores. The act of shopping is being revolutionalized - which means the industry is in need of new people to meet that demand. The number of retail positions is steadily growing - in fact, it's currently the industry with the highest employment rates across the board. As a field, retail is also quick to respond to market changes and the public mood, which means there's always the opportunity for growth or a new challenge.  

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The Internet always changes the business world. It is a huge boost for every company. Social media dominates the market right now - but the future is far from certain. Despite the current level of digitalization, many people are reverting to the authenticity of interpersonal contact. The sales world always changes - the best thing you must do to stay relevant is to study and learn as much as possible. In our school, we offer you just the right possibilities!

At this point, my online sales almost surpass the ones in my actual store. The best part? My online store does all the work for me. My customer base grow by the day. I recommend that everyone who runs a store to take one of these courses. It's worth it! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The retail industry is facing unique changes. There's an enormous shift from offline to online channels, and the sector has to accommodate that while preserving offline sales. It's definitely an interesting time to enter the industry. Ready to get started? Apply now!


  • Last year, Amazon made over 258 billion USD from online sales
  • 9% of B2B clients use the Internet to research products they're about to buy. A strong online presence is imperative
  • Teach your target audience something about your product or service in a fun way, for example through your social media. This way you create interest and deepen trust in your knowledge.
  • Customers feel more connected to the company or product and thus are more likely to buy something if it has a good story or message behind it. So be sure to do some branding!