Improve your career prospects

We know how much having some practical experience in a field can help get your foot in the door. In and itself, a diploma from ???????usis an internationally recognized testament to your professional preparation - one that’s highly valued by the business world and will strengthen your CV. With that said, if you’d like to boost your CV and become a more desired candidate, we offer various internship opportunities around the globe.

Reasons to do an internship:

  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and clients from your desired industry
  • An opportunity to improve your skills in a real-world environment
  • A way to strengthen your CV
  • A chance to build confidence
  • Have more results to show for your hard work

How it works:

Pick a good internship program in your area. You can do a program of up to 300 hours. Once you’ve picked a company you like, you will be provided with an internship contract by your training consultant. As soon as you’ve filled that in with the company in question, send it back to us. Then you can get started.