Digital resources to help your professional growth

Completing your professional education is a huge achievement. It’s also a complicated process.

Introducing the eCampus: a centralized educational hub that combines all your needs into one user-friendly, simple to use platform.

Practice makes perfect. Reach your teacher, get and complete tasks from them with a click. Get ahead of the competition and prepare yourself for the next stage in your career with bonus exercises and educational media at the tip of your fingertips. Stay on top of your schedule and never miss out on a single lesson thanks to your digital agenda.

Use our digital resources to get the most out of your education. Join us, get your eCampus profile and control every aspect of your studies with the click of a button.

eCampus Highlights

AGENDA – Keep track of your schedule

MESSAGES – Contact your teacher and get their responses here. They’ll always get back to you within 48 hours.

DOCUMENTS AND LINKS – A collection of bonus educational resources. Finds papers, images, links and more to help you develop your professional skills here.

EXERCISES – Practice your newfound skills with practical exercises from real-world professional scenarios and get immediate feedback.

TASKS – Get and complete tasks from your teacher.

MEDIA – Access a customized playlist of videos, specifically chosen for your course.