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More and more companies and organizations rely on accounting firms to arrange their finances. A good accounting office is therefore a very profitable company and crucial for our economy! Are you eager for a accounting job with a lot of responsibility and plenty of career opportunities and specialization? Register now for our home training Accountancy Office Employee!

You study all the gears of a well-running accounting office and you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to as quickly as possible to get started with an accounting specialist. In this way you learn to work with the latest software and electronic invoicing technology, to deal with customers professionally and to provide an optimum service to those who are liable for VAT and who are not liable for VAT.

After this you have everything you need to become a launch top career as accounting assistant of both family and colossal firms!

  • learn everything about accounting, annual accounts and VAT
  • know perfectly how to book different types of income and expenditure
  • study comfortably at home at your own pace and in your own way
  • obtaining a valuable diploma that demonstrates your professional knowledge
  • your career has a positive give it a spin by getting started in an accounting office
Accounting Assistant
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpCourseTypeHome
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma
  • €219
cpProgram Accounting Assistant
Accounting Assistant online course
  • The accounting office: introduction
  • Bookkeeping now
  • Your relationship with customers who are liable for VAT
  • Your relationship with customers who are not liable for VAT
  • Generalities for all accounts
  • Preparatory work for the annual accounts of a company
  • Preparatory work for sole traders
  • Important formalities for self-employed persons and companies
  • Your attitude as an accounting professional
  • Starting as a freelancer or self-employed
Accounting Assistant distance learning
  • Understand important concepts and professional jargon of accounting and use them correctly
  • Perform a VAT return professionally and record invoices and financial transactions
  • Asset and liability accounts enter / prepare and interpret up to Z
  • Properly prepare the end-of-year bookings
Accounting Assistant home study course
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Officer
cpTeachers Accounting Assistant


You can get started right after your registration! The digital course is immediately on your profile page. The paper version will be posted immediately and you will receive it quickly at home. Thanks to the flexibility of a home study you study where and when you want. You will receive guidance for a year from a trained teacher who has seen all corners of the accounting office through an online platform. You can go to this mentor for extra practical exercises, customized feedback and tips from the field, so you are not alone! If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations and if you pass, you will receive the diploma!


For this course you pay Accounting Assistant but 219.00 euros. For this you will receive an illustrated course book, one year of practical guidance from an experienced top teacher and seasoned accountant, access to additional interactive teaching material on our online learning platform and the possibility to take a free exam within five years at one of our exam locations! All the knowledge and freedom you need to boost your career!

Accounting Assistant
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpCourseTypeHome
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma
  • €219

cpStartNewCarreer Accounting Assistant. cpChooseQualityEducationWith Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning.

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I have always wanted to climb the ladder, but before I knew it, I was stuck in my job as administrative clerk. Taking up this course changed that. It’s a great way for those who want to reach higher in the business world.


For years, I’ve been a bookkeeper at the same firm. Recently I realised I really want to start my own auditing business. This course was an excellent way to begin my journey towards that.


I’ve been active in the business world for years now. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted in the beginning, so I tried a bit of everything. After a while, I found that accountancy interests me the most. I didn’t have enough experience though, so I took up this course. It helped me get to where I am today.